Ion Home

Decorate, protect and improve your home with Purion Wellness Paint – Ion Home. A premium grade paint with non-detectable VOC and odour during and after painting. Delivering a beautiful matte finishing with 170 colours to choose from.

Contains Wellness Material – Activated Charcoal

Purion Ion Home contains activated charcoals. The negative ions of activated charcoal bind to positive ions of toxins to eliminate it. Improving the overall quality of air within your home.

Other features

  • Good fungus & mould resistance
  • Good hiding
  • Free from lead and mercury
  • Water-based
  • Easy application and touch-up
  • DEET- Free


Eco Home comes in 100 colours.

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Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

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Some of Ion Home key features

Asthma & Allergy Friendly


Ultra-Low VOC

Thermal & Humidity Control

Anti-Mould & Anti Bacteria

Application Data

Method :

Roller or brush


Theoretical Coverage :

9 – 11 m² / litre


Dilution :

No dilution is necessary for best performance


Drying Time :

Surface Dry  – 30 minutes at 30°C

Hard Dry – 2 hours at 30°C


Overcoating Time :

2 hours minimum based on normal conditions

Surface Preparation

Ensure surface is clean, dry and stable.

Remove mildew, oil, loose rust, peeling paint or other contamination using a power brush or scraper to ensure good adhesion

Remove dust and foreign matter with a damp cloth, oil and grease with a mild detergent. Allow surface to dry completely. 

Apply Purion Finish Pro for fungus issue.

What is Purion Wellness Paint Ion Home?

It is a special acrylic emulsion paint with active ingredient (Activated Carbon) encapsulated in its polymer. It has excellent humidity and VOC absorption property to keep your home’s air fresh and comfortable.

Is Purion Wellness Paint Ion Home low on odour?

Yes, it is completely odour free with a slight natural smell. Suitable for office buildings with central aircon system, hospital, schools and families with asthma or allergies.

How long will Purion Wellnes Paint Eco Home remain effective?

The active ingredient in the dried paint film will last for at least 24 months.

How do you test its effectiveness?

Purion engaged a certified third-party laboratory to conduct tests. You can view the test reports here.

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