Why Purion?

Breathe Easy & in Style

PURION WALL is a brand-new innovative product invented in Singapore. It is a special type of wall made from all-natural Diatom minerals collected worldwide and contains air purifying, moisture absorbing and other properties, even as it serves to beautify your indoor environmennt. It's time to sleep better, protect your family's health and care for your pets with better indoor air quality, without compromising on your taste for good design.

The main ingredient in Purion Wall, Diatom Mud is a natural occurring clay found on seabeds. Find out the secret behind this miracle of nature.


Zero Emissions

Did you know that traditional interior architecture and walls give out harmful gases such as formaldehyde, benzene etc.? Unfortunately, all these harmful chemicals are key materials used in traditional interior construction.

Unlike painted walls or wallpaper, Purion Wall does not emit any harmful emissions as its active ingredient, Diatom Minerals is the result of millions of years of formation and is 100% naturally occurring. Take control and your indoor environment and well-being.


Temperature & Moisture Adjusting

The real magic lies in the Diatom active ingredient that balances indoor temperature and humidity. With its respiratory function, this breathing wall can absorb water molecules when humidity is too high and release water molecules again to adjust the overall indoor humidity when humidity drops to a low level.

Anti-bacterial & Mold proof

Purion Wall contains Oxidizers that attract, trap, and then oxidize the negatively charged virus, bacteria, mold, and spores, producing harmless by-products like CO2 and H2O.

Fire Retardant

Diatom is known as an excellent fire retardant material to prevent residents from in-house fire relevant hazards. Upon contact with fire, it does not produce smoke, thus eliminating a common cause of death from fire which is smoke.

Sound Insulation

Purion Wall has a porous structure that absorbs the majority of incoming sound, creating a more comfortable and quiet living space for you and your family.

Natural & Customisable Interior Decor

The customisation options are limitless with Purion Wall. Besides simply choosing your desired colours, you cna also choose from a wide range of textures.

Afforably Priced & Long-Lasting

Purion Wall is competitively priced and comparable to other interior decor solutions like wallpaper. The key advantage over wallpaper is that it can last way longer than the average lifespan of wallpaper which is 5-7 years.


Purion Wall has been certified under the CE certificate. CE marking is a mandatory conformity marking for certain products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA) since 1985.

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