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Diatom is the key ingredient in Purion Wall

A miracle Of Nature

Known as diatomite, is the naturally occurring fossilised remains of diatoms after millions of years. The properties which make diatomite valuable include low density, high porosity, high surface area, abrasiveness, insulating properties, inertness, absorptive capacity, brightness, and high silica content.

Diatomite has a wide variety of uses, and is a vital component in hundreds of product and the manufacturing process. The power of Diatom is now made available in your home with PURION WALL, a special type of indoor decorative wall made of Diatom minerals that comes with a whole host of benefits including air purifying, non-toxic, moisture absorbent and many more.

History of Diatomite

Cambrian Period
530 Million Years Ago
Trilobites trawl the seafloor and at the same time, Diatomite appeared.
Cretaceous Period
65 Million Years Ago
Large numbers of diatom accumulated in the sediment layer of rivers, streams, lakes, and oceans.
5000 Years ago
Through archaeological finds such as Mural Paintings, it is discovered that nobles in Ancient Egypt started to make facial masks with Diatom Mud. Diatom Mud contains various elements which was believed to accelerate metabolism, increase vitality and anti-aging.
In 1866
In 1866, Alfred Nobel discovered that nitro-glycerine could be made much more stable if absorbed in diatomite. This allows much safer transport and handling than nitro-glycerine in its raw form. He patented this mixture as dynamite in 1867; the mixture is also called Guhr Dynamite.
In 1881
Before the 20th Century, people drank beer out of stoneware. However, the wealthier Danes started drinking out of glassware, which became the popular trend. Dynamic Depth Filtration, usually employs diatomaceous earth as the filtration medium. It is the most cost effective and flexible technology for clarifying beer, and it is the only true renewable filtration process used today in brewing.
In 1980
Japan, an island nation with high humidity and significant diurnal temperature difference, was suffering from interior wall issues like moulding and bubbling. Since early 90s, Diatom Mineral materials gradually became a popular renovation material in Japanese market due to its unique feature - Odourless, Moisture Absorption and Fire Retardant.

Material Processing


Diatomite is the fossilised minerals of single celled plants remains after millions of years of sedimentary formation, processed through modern technology, to ensure that the porous structure of the fossil diatoms which is thousand times stronger than activated carbon.


The non-calcined diatomite raw material obtained by the purification process such as washing and baking, and eventually grinder in to powder. Perfectly match the amount of water and color required, this green natural product will be ready to install in a mud status.


Diatomite-related products are manufactured by integrated production-line, with cutting edge statistic technology, all processing data is accessible and analyzeable. Intelligent devices and visualisation processing system are implanted, to achieve high-standard product quality.

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